Transform Medical Device and NurseCall Patient Alarms Into Actionable Data


Improve Patient Experience and  HCAHCP scores


Reduce Alarm Fatigue and Call Volume
Identify Patient Safety Indicators


Staff Productivity 
Management of Care

It is estimated that between 85 and 99 percent of alarm signals do not require clinical intervention

How do you eliminate the noise so you can react to
the clinically actionable alarms?

CareSight Can Help

How CareSight is Different

  • Unifies patient care platforms and medical devices
  • Offers intuitive methods to benchmark, compare and model underutilized alarm data
  • Uncover crucial insights into patient and device vulnerabilities and correlating events.  
  • Adaptable to your operational requirements. Consolidates multiple medical device data sources (example: ASCOM, GE, Rauland, Connexall, Vocera, Critical Alert, HL7, Philips and many others...)
  • A trusted technical services resource with over 15 years of experience in healthcare
  • Monitored 24x7 so we can fix problems before they negatively affect you, ensuring minimal down time

Hopefully, we don’t need to look-back at the alarms or events that led up to a fall or incident.

CareSight Dashboards

  • Easily searchable by time, department or facility
  • Graphical interface with ability to drill down for greater detail
  • Instant View of  How KPI Indexes Are Trending
  • Quick View of Shift  Performance