About CareSight

Developed by Connecticut-based T2 Technical Services and led by healthcare industry veteran Kenny Schiff, CareSight is the culmination of 15-years of ongoing work with hospital customers as well as their work at (and with) Rauland-Borg, Vocera Communications, Ascom, and Connexall.

CareSight is an advanced reporting and analytics-as-a-service solution that transforms medical device alarms into actionable data that hospitals can use to benchmark, compare, & model their underutilized alarm data, thereby reducing risk and improving patient experience. 

Kenny Schiff, Founder and Managing Director

Our Mission

CareSight’s mission is to break down the barriers between technology platforms and organizational silos in hospitals, placing easy-to-use actionable analytics in the hands of healthcare professionals so they can work more efficiently and effectively.

Our Philosophy

We believe technology can make healthcare more efficient and safer. While technology advancements offer almost unlimited opportunities to improve healthcare services, what’s needed is beyond just software or hardware alone.  That is where T2 CareSight comes in. We don’t just bridge disparate technologies, our platform helps you analyze data so you can easily visualize what’s happening in your healthcare system or hospital and act on it.

Afterall, you  cannot fix what you cannot see.

"Hospitals need simple ways to extract, combine and analyze disparate data sources, especially concerning alarms and internal communications systems. "

-- Kenny Schiff, Founder

CareSight Team

Kenny Schiff

Kenny Schiff

mark pelley

Mark Pelley

John Harmon

John Harmon

renee sivinski

Renee Sivinski

Heather Downey, MS, RN

Rick Trager

CareSight Advisors

Eric Thorsen

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