CareSight Addresses the Need for Reliable And Secure Vocera Voice Communications During The COVID-19 Crisis

CareSight's custom Vocera voice headsets ensure clear and private healthcare communications in even the noisiest environments


CareSight is excited to offer two custom headsets, suitable for use with all B2000, B3000, and B3000N Vocera voice badges, that easily allow healthcare personnel to combine hands-free and private conversations with Vocera.

We developed our unique line of Vocera-friendly headsets with a deep understanding of our hospital customers’ high-noise environments and privacy-sensitive situations. Comfortable, ergonomic, and featuring the perfect cord length, these affordable solutions ensure clear, private communications—even in the noisiest environments. CareSight’s 13-inch cord single earbud headsets and 20-inch cord over-the-ear C-ring headsets come with a 30-day warranty and are compatible with other 2.5mm voice devices.

“Vocera voice is an essential part of Northern Westchester Hospital’s focus on exceptional patient experience. Reducing noise and ensuring privacy is at the core of all of our communication initiatives. Headsets have been part of our Vocera strategy for many years. We worked with the CareSight team to develop a solution that staff can wear comfortably for an entire shift and that delivered a high-fidelity voice experience,” says George Weldon, Administrative Director, Ambulatory Surgery, POS–Operating Room at Northern Westchester Hospital.

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