CareSight is your complete middleware, advanced alerting and reporting, ongoing managed services provider.

Introducing CarePoint:
Analytics-Centered Alarm Visibility Middleware

CareSight offers practical connectivity that complements and respects your existing applications and workflow.

Hospitals are on a constant hunt for solutions to help them do better with alarms, alerts, and notifications—yet the industry has mostly confused and muddled the process. Shopping for a solution can be confusing because even vendors can't agree on how to describe their solutions. Call it Middleware, Event Management, Mobile Event Notification, a Clinical Interoperability and Workflow Engine, Smart Integration, or Clinical Alerting Software platform—no one can agree. If you aren't already confused, research the various ways to handle staff assignment...and your head will be spinning.

Hospitals have become increasingly competitive places, with larger and larger numbers of patients making discretionary decisions about where to seek treatment or receive quality healthcare services. With visibility, via public reporting, of patient perspective through initiatives like HCAHPS, hospitals are progressively looking for ways to improve the responsiveness of their care and measurement tools so that executives and managers can benchmark and improve performance. That's where CareSight’s alarm notification/workflow services come into play.

We can help you sort this out.

Since 2003, the CareSight team had utilized data from traditional middleware systems to support workflow changes. However, today we are proud to announce that we have expanded our portfolio to provide our own robust middleware solution—and CareSight now provides more comprehensive integration capabilities than currently available with other solutions. As you research service to improve the quality of care, patient safety, operations, and patient satisfaction, look no further than CareSight—a complete middleware, advanced alerting and reporting, ongoing managed services provider.