CareSight's cloud services allow for rapid deployment and secure data transfer and storage.

Our technology ensures your data is secured from beginning to end.

Not only has CareSight’s technology been thoroughly assessed for security and impenetrability, but it has passed each test with flying colors. Since 2012, CareSight products and services have been delivered to hospital customers via cloud services, which secures the data before leaving your premises and keeps it secure all the way to our CareSight Portal screens and reports.

Whether your data comes from nurse call platforms, physiological monitoring systems, workflow applications, RTLS, infant protection, voice/telephony, EMR, or all of the above – CareSight’s Security and IT Integration teams ensure your data is scalable, secure, and routinely monitored.

Our cloud technology allows us to uniquely maintain the quality, integrity, and security of day-to-day analytics while also providing the extremely high level of customer care necessary to meet the demanding reporting needs of hospital managers, administrators, and executives.

Unlike traditional premise-based installations that...

  • Add Cost
  • Complicate maintenance and updates
  • Create remote access impediments

CareSight’s cloud services

  • Allow for rapid deployment at lower costs, since no hardware or licenses are required
  • Require no administrative burden to the customer
  • Use industry best practices for security

We designed our platform to seamlessly manage system updates and allow you to interact with YOUR data, YOUR way.

Scalability and Redundancy

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the backbone of our cloud solution, including S3 for storage and EC2 for servers. AWS is the global leader in cloud, and CareSight leverages its performance and resiliency.

Data Encryption

Data is encrypted both in rest and in flight, ensuring a secure transfer from the source systems to the CareSight network.

Safeguarding Source Data Integrity

The CareSight reader utilizes “read-only” access to the source data so that no changes to the source platforms are required. Our client application creates an extra level of fault tolerance by replicating reporting activity data offsite. This feature allows for extended archival storage and retrieval.

Compliant End-User Access

CareSight Portal provides client dashboards, user management, and data analytics-based custom reporting. Each client has its own unique site, subdomain, and jailed file structure. In addition, each client provides employee role-based access to the various elements of the portal. Through CareSight Portal, clients are provided with their data analytics dashboard and reporting—obtained using HTTPS and strong authentication.

Ongoing Monitoring of Complete Reporting Data Workflow

The CareSight team tracks source data updates, incremental data transfer, data load/warehousing, and automated report generation (via email). Cloud allows us to stay in front of the customer and ensure the delivery of data content to end-users. If there are source data update issues or report delivery issues, the CareSight team knows about them and can responsively correct them without customer IT involvement.

CareSight’s technology and security systems enable healthcare teams to make decisions that drive positive change and improve patient outcomes.