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An Informaticist Should Be at the Center of Your Organization’s Data, People, and Systems

“Clinical informaticians transform health care by analyzing, designing, implementing, and evaluating information and communication systems that enhance individual and population health outcomes, improve patient care, and strengthen the clinician-patient relationship.” —Gardner RM et al. Core Content for the Subspecialty of Clinical Informatics On a daily basis, the CareSight team is reminded of the difficulties clinicians

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improve patient and staff satisfaction

Hospital Alarm Committee: There’s Low Hanging Fruit Out There

How Data from your Nurse Call, Alarm Management, and Voice Applications Can Help you Reduce Unnecessary Interruptions and Improve Patient and Staff Satisfaction George Weldon is the chair of the Alarm Committee of Northern Westchester Hospital (part of Northwell Health, the largest IDN in New York State). Since March of 2015 his day job is

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Nursing Customers, Don't let the technocrats kill your outcomes

Nursing Customers, Don’t Let the Technocrats Kill Your Outcomes

As a hospital integrator of patient care communications technologies we’re often sitting between systems that are sold, installed, configured, and maintained by others. Complicating things, the framework and workflow design may be the province of a consulting entity, who is often a hired gun, and gone once the project goes live.  It’s a hard place

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What I Wasn’t Thinking About Nurse Call Durations

Last week I took the CareSight product development team to visit two of our local hospital customers so that they could see real patients and real hospital rooms in action. Our customers are both medium sized facilities just outside NYC, but both are very different. One is in a more urban city setting (very mixed

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CareSight Alarm Data Dashboard

Need Justification to Expand Your Nurse Call Integration to Include Clinical Alarms? Free Guide

Expanding Clinical Alarm Workflow and Notification Capabilities Justification Recently, I was approached by one of our customers regarding expanding their alarm workflow capabilities beyond the nursecall integration (Rauland–>Connexall–>Vocera) that they launched in 2012. While the initial nursecall projects were driven by a desire to provide timely notifications of patient requests to nursing staff, management learned

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Nursing Analytics can help you meet TJC National Safety Goal.06.01.01

CareSight began as a nursing performance analytics solution. Our working premise was to turn all of the mountainous data silos generated from devices and systems into simple, easy to understand and correlated actionable data. The platform allows us to personalize this correlated data into dashboards, charts, graphs and tables tailored for individual roles, presenting the information users want to see,

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Nurse Workflow

Have You Revisited Your Patient Alarm Workflow Recently?

A few weeks ago one of our customers called to ask that we add the role “Nursing Supervisor” to the third level of escalation for nurse call alerts being presented on their Vocera badges. By that point, their integration between their Rauland nurse call, Connexall and Vocera systems had been operational for almost two and

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